Capoeira trainings in Kadrioru park

We start with our trainings from next week.
In current situation, there is only allowed outdoor group trainings.

Before each training we will decide if the weather is good enough. (Training will be cancelled if it is raining much.)

Trainings take place in Kadrioru park, Tue and Thu at 18.30-20.00.
(It is nice to train while the sun is still shining.)

One group can fit 9 person.

Training cost is according our regular price list:

5 time card – 40 euros
10 time card – 65 euros

All the collected money from outside trainings will go for room rent and workshop organizing in the future.

(NB! All training cards which have some trainings left are still valid!)

For more information contact Kristjan Tomson in Facebook or email kristjan@senzala.ee.