Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatic, musical and cultural elements.
Capoeira trainings develop strength, endurance, flexibility and dexterity.

Capoeira trainings in Tallinn 2023/2024

We are happy to announce that capoeira trainings started again! Trainings take place from the 1. Oct on every Tue and Thu at 19.00-20.30 in J. Vilmsi 55. For participation please contact or call 5667 9244. See you in training! Capoeira...

Children’s trainings

It's a great pleasure of mine to announce that there is now a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn capoeira in Kopli Hobby Educational School ( Classes take place on: 1. group Mondays and Thursdays from 15:00 - 16:30 and Saturdays...

Capoeira Senzala summer camp 2022

When? 19.08.2022-21.08.2022 Where? Our annual camp in Jaaguranna. Jaaguranna Lillelaager, 50 kilometers from Pärnu, is located in a beautiful seaside place surrounded by juniper trees. ( What to expect? Friday:Evening - Arrival, music and...

Capoeira Senzala trainings are paused

Hi, dear capoeiristas! Our group trainings in Golden Club are paused temporarily from 20.01.2022, due to Kristjan’s leaving. Kristjan is going to Sweden for six months. If you are still interested in capoeira trainings, then I suggest you contact Andris for these...

Christmas holidays 2021

Advent has arrived and due to upcoming Christmas holidays, we are on training vacation on 20.12.2021–03.01.2022. Let’s take the time and spend holidays with our loved ones! Happy holidays to everyone!

Capoeira Senzala Summer Camp 2021

This year Capoeira Senzala summer camp took place on 13–15 August at our beloved spot – Jaaguranna ( Jaaguranna lillelaager is located by the seaside and surrounded by Pärnu's forests and junipers. There are 7 bungalows where can sleep 28...

Capoeira trainings in Kadrioru park

Hey!We start with our trainings from next week.In current situation, there is only allowed outdoor group trainings. Before each training we will decide if the weather is good enough. (Training will be cancelled if it is raining much.) Trainings take place in Kadrioru...

Capoeira trainings continue

We are happy to announce, that capoeira trainings continue from 02.02.2021. Our Tallinn's group trainings take place in Rotermann square Golden Club on Tue and Thu at 19.30-21.00 We have to follow the Health Board's guidelines for prevention of the coronavirus to be...

Christmas vacation

This year we start our Christmas vacation earlier and rest longer than initially planned due to new restrictions. We are on vacation 14.12.2020-17.01.2021. We hope to start with our group trainings again from 18.01.2021 Warmest wishes and see you again next...

Capoeira workshop in Tallinn

Hei, capoeiristas! Capoeira Senzala workshop took place in Tallinn on 13-14 November, where we had a lot of fun together. A lot of our members from Tallinn's group took part from this workshop. Big thanks to all participants! Workshop in Tallinn: 14.11 (Saturday)...

Cradled in Brazil, Capoeira is a way of movement with African roots. Beginning as a martial art, the activity was cleverly disguised behind playful dance moves. Distinctive musical instruments and Brasilian songs are an integral part of Capoeira, adding to the art’s vibrant flavour. Capoeira’s broad contribution to Brazilian cultural heritage has been recognised by UNESCO.

Training with CM Leandro Cocao (left) 2017

Island Sound 2019 workshop.
Photo: Marleen Muhuste

We are part of Capoeira Senzala, a school of Capoeira created in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro. Extending across most of the world, Capoeira Senzala is one of the most renowned Capoeira schools today.

In our trainings we practise characteristic Capoeira movement patterns, kicks and defensive dodges. We also learn to play instruments and sing Capoeira songs. The practice supports and advances physical development in versatile ways, including balance and coordination, stamina and general dynamic mobility. Practising Capoeira naturally helps to develop general spatial awareness and reaction time.

Training at Okasroosikese castle 2019.
Photo: Liina Soosaar

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