Island Sound 2019 workshop.

Photo: Martin Ahven

Andris Jasjukevitš, born in 1988 and known by the Capoeira nickname He-man, started practising Capoeira in 2006. Starting from 2008 he has been instructing various Capoeira classes to children and adults in Estonia, Finland and Brazil. Inspired by his passion for Capoeira and the drive to further understand movement and the human body, he has also completed Physical Education studies in Tallinn University.

Capoeira Senzala summer camp 2019.

Photo: Brite Vilgo

Kristjan Tomson, whose capoeira name is Calado, is actively done sports from elementary school. At the time he was testing himself on many fields. He found his true passion, capoeira, during secondary school at 2007. He started progressive body-weight training at 2012 when he studied at the university of Tartu. Few years back he combined body-weight training with a regular gym workout. The main keywords by which Kristjan operates are commitment, perseverance and consistency.
This is the way to accomplish your goals and to reach your better self!


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