Price list and timetable

Capoeira trainings in Tallinn

Shower and sauna are included in all packages

Trainings take place on every Tuesday and Thursday
at 19:30 – 21:00

Capoeira trainings in Tartu

Trainings take place on every Monday and Wednesday
at 18:30 – 20:30

Everyone is welcome to join our trainings!

You can be young or old, well trained or not so much, tall or small – there are no limits to attend in capoeira trainings. We all have once started from the beginning and worked our way up step by step.


Capoeira Senzala Tallinn:

+372 55656222

Rottermanni 5, Golden Club

We are located in the center of Tallinn in the Rotermann Quarter, Golden Club. When you arrive at the club, talk to the club’s customer service representative and you will be guided further.

Capoeira Senzala Tartu:

+372 56679244

Laulupeo puiestee 23, Tartu Lauluväljak

We are located in Tartu Song Festival Grounds first floor training hall. When you arrive at Tartu Song Festival Grounds rooms, talk to administrator and you will be guided further

If you get lost, be sure to call us by clicking HERE

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