Capoeira trainings continue

We are happy to announce, that capoeira trainings continue from 02.02.2021.

Our Tallinn’s group trainings take place in Rotermann square Golden Club on Tue and Thu at 19.30-21.00

We have to follow the Health Board’s guidelines for prevention of the coronavirus to be able to continue with trainings.

  1. Maximum of 10 person + 1 trainer can attend in training at the same time. To follow this rule we wish that you register yourself before every training by writing to kristjan@senzala.ee or in Facebook to Kristjan Tomson.
  2. We keep 2 m distance from each other In training and other rooms. On the training floor there are red dots to guide us.
  3. We wear a mask in public rooms (corridor and changing room). If you do not have a mask, then you can buy one from Golden Club’s customer service desk

In addition to the rules above, we keep the room ventilated with Golden Club’s great ventilation system, throughout the whole training.

We can keep our trainings going by following all the rules together.

Thank you for your co-operation and see you again in trainings!