Spring Workshop with Professor Canuto

We had an awesome capoeira workshop which took place in May at Tallinn Tondi Golden Club.
Professor Canuto is came from Italy to share his wisdom with us.

Carlos„Canuto” Platt has been praciticing capoeira for 15 years. He started in 2005 in his homeland – Venezuela. His first teacher was professor Mowgly. Professor Mowgly’s teacher was mestre Emerson. Canuto has been a member of Capoeira Senzala group from the beginning of his capoeira journey. Since then has Canuto been traveling a lot with capoeira. He has been in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Malta, Spain and French. Canuto’s mission has been to introduce capoeira in Europe as well. He has been living in Europe for 9 years of which 7 in Italy. He opened his capoeira school in 2014 in Italy.

Thank you all for participating in this event!